University of Traditional Medicion of Armenia

The University of Traditional Medicine was founded in 1991.

UTM is one of the unprecedented and leading educational institutions in the region. For the past 26 years, the university administration and the professors consistently have sought to implement the educational process in accordance with international standards. Staff consists of experienced scientists, professors and doctors, whose work has a great reputation and occupies a worthy place in the system of higher education.


Fees : 2500 US$ Per Year


University prepares high-level medical scientists who are experienced in using scientific empirical methods of diagnosis and treatment of traditional and modern medicine. Those, displaying clinical flexible thinking, apply their theoretical and practical knowledge, gained during their studies, in practice, combining traditional medicine and modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The initiative to invest centuries-old traditional medicine research in the learning process as well as the best service in the field of integrative medicine were highly appreciated during the international conference held in Cyprus in 1998.

The university is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2001. (License N0002, State accreditation N 129), graduates receive a state diploma.

The university cooperates with national and foreign institutions and organizations.

We work for the welfare of society.


UTM Founders’ Council is the governmental body which has the ultimate right for the solution of any management and operation problem.

The rector is the general manager of the main activities of the university. Rector is appointed by the Founders’ Council.

The main issues of University’s current academic and pedagogical activities are discussed at the Rector’s Council. The Council consists of the heads of the departments of the University.

University Academic Council, headed by the rector of the university, is responsible for the management and planning of University’s educational and research activities. The total number of members of the Scientific Council does not exceed 25. The Academic Council consists of the university’s rector (president), vice-rectors, dean, department of science, rector’s advisor, head of the department of education, head of international relations’ department, heads of chairs, chief physician of the Medical Training Center, lecturers, heads of structural subdivisions and students, as well as other representatives, having scientific-pedagogical experience (chosen by the rector).

UTM rector’s Council, Academic Council, the dean’s offices, chairs and the administrative departments of the university carry out operations aimed at UTM mission, its goals and objectives.



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