Georgian National University Seu was founded in 2001 as Ilia Chavchavadze National University of Georgia. Since 2007, the university has offered to Georgian students the building and conditions of the modern educational requirements in the new address and since then the University is located in the historical part of Tbilisi in Isani-Samgori district. Address: Tsinandali str. N9.

Fee: 5500$ Per Year

At GEORGIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY SEU , we have a student centered orientation, where quality of education is the keystone. We are open to dialog, listening to the voices of the students and keep up to date with their needs. From its humble beginnings in 2007, SEU is one of the first private medical schools in the history of independent Georgia. For almost 25 years, Tbilisi Medical Academy is one of the pioneer of medical education in Georgia, and remains to be one of the most competitive and dynamically developing institution. During these years we have trained hundreds of successful physicians who currently work in the leading clinics in Georgia and abroad. In capital of Georgia, where east meets west, we at Tbilisi Medical Academy exercise the best values of our culture; hospitality, equality and integrity. At the Academy we try our best to create student centered environment for our students, suitable for the studies of international quality. The study process closely follows latest updates of higher medical education and offers students dynamically improving facilities and learning process.


Both Medical Universities are accredited, recognized and listed with -

* Association of Medical in Europe (AMEE)

* European Medical Students Association (EMSA)

* International Directory of Medical Education (FAIMER)

* World Health Organization (WHO AVICENNA)

* Medical Council of India (MCI)

100% Admission Guarantee


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