MBBS in Georgia

  1. The fees of studying MBBS in Georgia is very cheap.
  2. The medium of instruction for MBBS in Georgia is English.
  3. MBBS in Georgia is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  4. The medical universities in Georgia have experienced and dedicated faculties who guide students in preparing for the screening test.
  5. Indian students do not have to sit for any MBBS entrance exam. MBBS Admission in Georgia is based on the marks obtained in class 12th.
  6. The Indian students who have passed (MD) MBBS from medical universities are highly knowledgeable.
  7. Indian Food and Asian Food are available as Indian students can find Indian restaurants easily.
  8. Travel Expenses and Cost of living are affordable for MBBS in Georgia.
  9. Georgia has diverse weather conditions that can be easily adapted by Indian students for MBBS in Georgia.

What’s MBBS in Georgia?

Georgia is situated between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. The percentage of literacy in Georgia is approx 90%. Earlier it’s a part of Russia but is separation from the Soviet Union in 1991. After separation from Russia Georgia regained its Independence, Russian influence and involvement can easily be seen in the living style, language, architecture and food of the country. Georgians love to serve, eat, dance and drink and as soon as you land in this foodie country, you’ll get much variety of food and drinks which are available here. Georgia is famous for delectable wines in the world and its legendary hospitality that lures visitors to the Georgia. Georgia is the world’s first cultivated Grapevines and Neolithic wines producing country in the world over then 8,000 years. Georgians call their country Sakartvelo and the word has ancient middle age roots.

Benefits of MBBS in Georgia

Students learn along with students of different cultural, ethnic, nature and national backgrounds. Exposure to new ideas and philosophies and a big plus point in your resume. International students can help you in prepare for your future. Students can get invaluable international professional experience. Students can get opportunity to learn from across the world and get experience with foreign or multinational students and hospitals. Students can feel the exposure the global issues facing medical industry.

Star International offers best studying opportunity and destination without troubles and hassles to international students for MBBS/MD. There is no entrance exam for MBBS/MD course in Georgia but students must be NEET exam passed. Good percentage is required in your 12th standard. Very important factors that compel international students to study MBBS in our destination countries are the affordable course fee, good weather, normal living expenses and cheap travel expenses. Travelling in these countries are relatively very affordable than travelling for MBBS in Europe and other western countries. Whatever you spend in India for any medical Colleges, you will pay almost one-third of it when studying MBBS in these countries. Georgia is a peaceful country, very low crime, European culture and Christian country.

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

The medical education in Georgia specially for MD/MBBS is the best destination. There are many well known universities for MBBS/MD courses which are MCI and WHO approved. All the faculties are Well-practiced and qualified doctors. In Georgia have many counties student for medical courses and thousand’s students completed their medical degree from this country. The country has now become a major player in providing medical education in the region and students from all over the world come here to become an expert in MD and MBBS courses with better career opportunity. Star International has all the required information and guidelines for study MBBS in Georgia. Star International   helps you in selecting the right medical university to study MBBS in Georgia. This is six-year undergraduate MD degree in any of the renowned medical colleges in Georgia is equivalent to MBBS degree in India. The medical degrees provided by the Georgian universities are recognized by WHO, MCI and UNESCO.

The method of teaching is English medium in Georgia. In this country no additional or local language is required or compulsory for study of MBBS


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