The State Medical and Pharmaceutical University «Nicolae Testemitanu» (SMPhU) of the Republic of Moldova features a history of outstanding traditions established and developed over the last 127 years. throughout our history, the rigorous method of training our medical professionals (doctors and pharmacists), to satisfy the national and international academic community standards has remained unchanged. Our University graduates offer top quality medical help and public health services in any respect levels of the national medical system. They’re renowned oversees and with success add several countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The SMPhU could be advanced establishment of high medical education, commissioned within the national academic system, enclosed within the World Directory of Medical faculties of the planet Health Organization, (WHO) creating it eligible for the coaching of international students. presently the tutorial and scientific workers of the University is actively concerned within the implementation of national policy within the attention System development Strategy approved by the govt. of the Republic of Moldova. Additionally the University is concentrated on reforming its curricula, by implement ting interactive strategies of coaching involving standardized patients and clinical cases. as a result of the Republic of Moldova borders different countries of the Union, real prospects have appeared for educational and scientific quality of scholars and school members in those countries. the present technical and material resources make sure the continuity of college boy & postgraduate education of concerning 6600 UG, PG and Doctor of Philosophy students once a year. the tutorial method is distributed at seventy nine clinical and diagnosis departments placed in numerous clinical and analysis settings.

Chisinau, the town wherever the University is found, is that the capital of the Republic of Moldova, a fresh freelance state in South- east Europe. Our town features a history of over seven centuries with an upscale cultural life. capital of Moldova could be a town of youth (more than 114,000 students study at twelve state and eleven personal universities) and is placed at the economic and cultural crossroads of Europe and Asia. Our University college and workers area unit well intimate with in coaching voters from different countries. necessities for these students are placed into our medical educational program, and that we area unit proud that many graduates from over thirty countries with success attained degrees and area unit licensed to observe medication in their home countries. the tutorial surroundings for foreign voters is extremely engaging – cheap tuition fees and affordable accommodation costs as well as meals. there’s additionally a well developed infrastructure within the town, as well as public transportation, museums, theaters, banks and fashionable communication facilities. the standard of life provides each subject with a sense of comfort and safety, that permits them to realize their dream to become a medical skilled either as a doctor, tooth doctor or pharmaceutical chemist.

Medical Education in Replubic of Moldova

Medical Education in Republic of Moldova State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, “Nicolae Testemitanu” of the Republic of Moldova could be a state funded university, wherever international students could study on self-finance basis subject to payment of annual tuition fee beforehand and submission of documented documents by involved authorities.

The State Medical and Pharmaceutical University “Nicolae Testemitanu” of Republic of Moldova is within the list of World Directory of Medical faculties, revealed by the globe Health Organization and has been authorized by National Council of educational analysis and enfranchisement of the tutorial establishments from the Republic of Moldavia. There square measure 3 schools for collegian coaching (Medicine – half-dozen years, medicine – five years, Pharmacy – five years), propaedeutic course (Language and Biology, Physics, Chemistry – one year) and postgraduate courses (duration depends on chosen specialty). Languages of instruction square measure Romanian, English, and Russian.

Key Highlights of Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy the Republic of Moldova.

  • Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy has affordable fees.
  • Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Recognized University, Approved by MCI.