Orel state university celebrated its 85 years of excellence services in 2016. It is a government university. The university is divided into many parts according to different departments. It has 16 faculties, 5 multispecialty medical hospitals. More than 15000 students are taking their study from the university every year. Every year students from different nations arrive here for education. As a European city it has high standards of living the university itself situated in the heart of the city Orel. Presence of hostel for international students makes it different from most of other universities.

The medical university has three big libraries which have medical books in English as well as in Russian language. The medical books are same as in India. The huge sports complex and supportive teachers are the honor of the university. The university is located in the center of the city and it is very near to all of the main buildings, shops and malls of the city. Orel city is not very far from the capital of the Russia, Moscow, easy transport, railway, taxi and direct buses are available.

Student’s life in this city is very good and filled with different possibilities. If you are good in sports there are various sports centers, gyms, and different sports club are there which organize tournament several times a year. If you are good in music, there are several music schools and competitions going through the city. Security services are very active in these countries and crime rates are very low

Cellular communication,internet- SIM-cards for mobile and tablets are sold on phone stores. For getting a SIM your passport is necessary. Ask in store for advice on the best rates (cost of calls, sms-text, data, etc.).

Climate and weather:

Temperature in summer- from eighteen degrees uranologist|astronomer|uranologist|stargazer} to thirty two degrees Celsius. Temperature in winter- from zero degrees uranologist|astronomer|uranologist|stargazer} to -20 degrees Celsius. The climate isn’t terribly totally different from higher elements of Asian country. Here area unit four seasons that area unit of three months every. In winters, typically snowstorm. Summers area unit inexperienced and exquisite. All the parks and trees of town become inexperienced and full with leaves.

Student`s life in this town is extremely sensible and stuffed with totally different potentialities. If {you area unit|you’re} sensible in sports there are numerous sports centers, gyms, and totally different sports club area unit there that organize tournament many times a year. If you’re sensible in music, there area unit many music faculties and competitions researching town. Security services area unit terribly active in these countries and crime rates area unit terribly low. native police is extremely active particularly to assist foreign voters. Security is tight at the dormitories. Guards at this quarters typically lock the doors at 11pm and open up them once more at 5am. whereas it’s doable to be let in past curfew, students same this wasn’t bonded. folks within the town area unit terribly interested in foreign students, therefore there it’ll be not a retardant to induce facilitate from any native person if you stuck somewhere.

Transport for students:

Full-time students of this university ar entitled to reduced tariffs on transport. The discount is sort of important. If an everyday unlimited monthly subway pass prices a pair of 2,000 rubles in Russia and its different territories, a student pass prices simply 380 rubles (prices as of 2017). full-time students of Russian universities have the correct to a five hundredth discount for travel on community trains (within one region). The discount is valid from one Sep to fifteen Gregorian calendar month inclusive annually. you’ll be able to receive a reduction once you purchase a single-journey price ticket by presenting your student ID card at the office. For frequent travel, you’ll be able to get a travel pass or a transport card.

Russian museums provide an excellent variety of discounts for college kids. Some museums even provide free passes to students as an example, at the Tretyakov Gallery and therefore the Pushkin Museum) to free passes (such on the habitation and therefore the Kolomenskoye Museum). Don’t forget that you just have to be compelled to gift a legitimate student ID card to induce a reduction. annually in might, several Russian cultural attractions are hospitable the general public freed from charge as a part of the Night of Museums. guests will attend offered special exhibitions, seminars, lectures, workshops, concerts and far a lot of.
Shopping company and services additionally provide discounts for college kids. several stores distribute leaflets at universities, libraries and cafes. Special promotions usually run on the eve of student holidays and at the beginning of the educational year.

Meal expenses-

in universities there are cafeterias which are subsidized by the government hence prices in these cafeterias are lower. The minimum shopping basket ((including bread, pasta, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, milk, and sugar) in Russia costs 3,500 to 5000 rubles. There are lot of food options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Russian people often eat very healthy meal which helps them keep their body in shape.