Teaching University Geomedi is a higher education institution that has managed to create a fruitful creative way since its foundation.
The University’s founding date is 1998. Its founder is Professor Marina Pirtskhalava.
Teaching University Geomedi is licensed and accredited. Students’ learning and their knowledge assessment are regulated by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The University has four faculties:

1. Dentistry:
• One-step educational program of
dentistry Specialty: Dentistry
• Residency training program in therapeutic dentistry

2. Health Economics and Management:
• Baccalaureate Educational Program
Specialty: Management
• Master’s Educational Program
Specialty: Management

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:
• Bachelor’s Educational Program
Specialty: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
• Master’s Educational Program
Specialty: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

4. Medical
Diploma Medicine Educational Program
Qualification: Diploma in Medicine

Teaching University Geomedi is equipped with a well-equipped auditorium, laboratory and dental clinic equipped with modern technologies.
Teaching University GeoMedia is growing and developing day by day. It offers young people the best learning conditions to get higher education, which corresponds to the level of knowledge of XXI century field specialists.

One of the main objectives of the university is to create an environment for its students and graduates. To this end, graduates continue to work in our university clinics and departments. Memorandums have been made regarding their employment.
The university graduates continue to work in leading clinics and medical institutions in Georgia as well as outside their borders.

What are the faculties offered at Georgia University-Teaching University Geomedi?

  • It offers Dentistry course and the degree offered in the course is Doctor of Dental Medicine.
  • It also offers Medicine degree that is MD degree.
  • Another degree offered at the university is Health Care Economics and management and the degree offered for the course is Bachelor of Health Care Management.
  • It also provides the course of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the degree offered for this is Bachelor of Health Care in physical Medicine and Rehabilitating Degree.
  • All the foreign students also have to learn a preparatory program that is Georgian Language Preparatory Educational Program. It is there to teach all the foreign students the basic Georgian language so that they may not face difficulty while their stay in Georgia.
  • And, they are also certified for this preparatory program.


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